The Culture Interpreter as a Culture Bridge

Who are we?

The Culture Interpreter is a collaborative between Tulip Consultancy International and Letselschadebureau Kloppenburg, a Dutch law office specialised in personal injury. The two organisations have worked together for almost 10 years in the area of (culture) interpretation and injury settlement. The experience thus gained has been brought together in the Culture Interpreter.

Tulip Consultancy International is an international consultancy operating in several markets. The team based in the Netherlands includes lawyers, import and export advisors, communication specialists and registered interpreters and translators deployable both in the Netherlands and abroad. 

Letselschadebureau Kloppenburg is one of the larger law offices in the Dutch personal injury sector. The firm has played a prominent role in much of the innovation and research that has been done in this sector. Its methods are characterised by a combination of professional knowledge and outstanding communication skills.

The Culture Interpreter represents revolutionary communication methodologies, customisable services and a pool of over 15,000 highly educated communication specialists inside and outside the Netherlands. These features make the Culture Interpreter a unique partner for many organisations, such as insurance companies, law offices, personal injury specialists, businesses with a multi-cultural employee base, (semi-)government agencies and many others.

The Culture Interpreter is a neutral organisation that offers intercultural guidance. Its services are entirely separate from any party involved in any personal injury claim in question. The purpose of the Culture Interpreter is to cultivate mutual understanding among all parties involved in a given process, thus contributing to acceptable solutions.

Within the organisation of the Culture Interpreter, it is possible to call on registered interpreters and translators, anthropologists, labour specialists, mediators, medical consultants and registered personal injury experts. In each case, the most suitable experts are sought for direct communication, while behind the scenes a multidisciplinary approach always prevails.