We convert intercultural confusion into clear communication


Due to the diversity of our services, we cannot specify in advance how much our involvement will cost. For this reason, our first step is always to assess the needs; after having been briefed on the case at hand, we will then issue a price estimate. The costs are subject to a number of factors. For instance, the victim’s specific cultural and geographic origins are relevant, as these determine which of our specialists we must deploy. Also, building trust takes time; in most cases, bridges must be built first. The various specialisations, such as our varied translation services, also have varying price tags. The nature of the trajectory we are to be involved in and its demands on our team also play a part in determining costs. An intake session will not cost the same as a long-term case involving complex communication issues. In other words, no two cases are the same. Our efforts and the costs involved are always case-specific.

Quickscan                                                               €    350,-

Intake                                                                     € 1.000,-

Resolving conflicts                                                  € 3.000,-/€ 5.000,- or € 175,- per hour

Mediation                                                               € 4.000,-

Support during medical examinations                    based on consultation

Support during employment trajectories                based on consultation

Special issues                                                         based on consultation      

All rates exclude VAT