Because translation alone does not guarantee you will understand each other!


The Culture Interpreter offers a wide range of services:

Resolving conflicts 

Tensions can rise in personal injury proceedings, sometimes as a result of culture or communication gaps, hindering progress towards a settlement. In these situations, the Culture Interpreter can break the deadlock by removing intercultural misunderstandings. This does not necessarily mean the liable insurer will face higher damage costs. In many cases the 'culture interpretation' restores mutual confidence so that a settlement is far more easily reached.


If an accident occurs and a significant language or cultural barrier emerges, the Culture Interpreter can conduct an intake interview on behalf of the parties involved, offer advice and assess the prospects (both for the insurance company and the victim).


Our experience shows that non-western immigrants tend to be less suitable as mediators, as the desired mediation often is the very result of culture- and communication-related misunderstandings. A single mediation session will usually not suffice to remove these misunderstandings. We believe the communication models used by the Culture Interpreter are far more effective in these situations. However, if parties feel a need to initiate mediation, the Culture Interpreter can provide a solution. All of the skills and knowledge required for mediation (involving cultural and communication problems) are represented by the Culture Interpreter.

Support during medical examinations

A specialised medical examination is vital to many personal injury cases. Language or cultural barriers can hinder the process of assessing the injury. Without the proper support this can have unfavourable effects, including irritation among medical staff.
Generally speaking, the involvement of family members as interpreters is not advisable, as it can lead to a distorted view of the situation. This is why the best solution is often to call on an independent interpreter or communication specialist. A good example is the role played by representatives of the Culture Interpreter team in handling the medical details related to the Turkish Airlines crash. Their performed was highly appreciated both by lawyers and medical staff.

Support during employment trajectories

The Culture Interpreter at this point does not offer multicultural labour specialist services, but can help solve cultural and communication mix-ups in consultation with the labour specialists hired by the parties involved. Experience shows that reintegration processes sometimes take more time and effort for non-western immigrants. As far as this can be ascribed to cultural and communication issues, the Culture Interpreter can reduce ‘noise’, placing the actual reintegration process back at the centre of attention.

Support in disability insurance issues

If a non-western immigrant incurs disability and the damage is claimed from a disability insurance company, the same cultural and communication mix-ups can occur as in personal injury cases. These misunderstandings can hinder reintegration and restoration, leaving the insurance company with greater damage to cover and the disabled person with more frustration to cope with. The Culture Interpreter can play a key role in the communication process, contributing to acceptable solutions for both parties. Significantly, this contribution can have a positive influence on claim levels and on the assessment outcome of the disabled person under insurance.

Special issues

Naturally, any and every case can be presented to the Culture Interpreter, including issues not mentioned in the above overview of services.